I am writing about my observations and learnings from entrepreneurship, digital projects, and marketing - with the overall goal to entertain and help others on their professional journey.

My topics arise from my diverse background and experience.

I am a former tech founder and end-to-end technical product/program manager (B2C and B2B). Besides a strong leadership and management/business/strategy background, I am also an experienced full-stack developer and engineering manager (from Web to AI and IoT). To complete my somehow strange profile, I am also a recognized consumer behavior and marketing expert, creative mind, and Web-Designer.

In case this somehow sounds interesting to you, feel free to follow my thoughts πŸ˜‰.


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Jens Kuerschner

Tech Founder, Leader, End-to-End Product/Program Manager, Full-Stack Developer, Marketing and Digitalization expert. πŸš€ https://jenskuerschner.de