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  • Miroslaw Shpak

    Miroslaw Shpak

    Software Engineer, Blockchain enthusiast, CTO at B2D & World of Defish

  • Thomas Ziegelbecker

    Thomas Ziegelbecker

    Hi, I’m a Product Management enthusiast at Dynatrace, a dad, a husband, and an idealist who believes that we can make the world a better place.

  • Alexander Vidiborskiy

    Alexander Vidiborskiy

    Principal @ Atomico, HBS MBA, former quantum physicist. Excited about complex tech products that are changing the world.

  • Pat Kua

    Pat Kua

    Chief Scientist, former #CTO of @N26 #author of http://thekua.io/evolarch http://thekua.io/twtl http://thekua.io/retrobook . ThoughtWorks alum.

  • 0xjim


    Product manager, DAO contributor, crypto enthusiast

  • Shanos Kunhahamu

    Shanos Kunhahamu

    Product Manager @ FAB | Payments | Fintech | E-Wallet | Cards | Remittance

  • Rahul Sharma

    Rahul Sharma

    Tech enthusiast • Product @ AWS • IIT Bombay’14 • Columbia Business School'20 • Opinions here are my own and not views of my employer • Ex Deutsche Bank and IFC

  • Dewulf Barbara

    Dewulf Barbara

    Belgian product manager in a Parisian B2B start up.

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